Veterinary Anesthetist - VHIR (Vall d'Hebron Research Institute), Barcelona.

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Veterinary anesthetist Experimental Surgery Unit

VHIR offers a veterinary anaesthetist position for the Experimental Surgery Unit (ESU). More information about ESU can be found here. The ESU’s specialities are: preclinical animal models (pig, sheep and rabbit) for research and teaching purposes, anaesthesia, analgesia and resuscitation protocols and pre and post-operative animal care and welfare. It offers integral preclinical imaging services (fluoroscopy, ultrasound), ethics committee assistance and has an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.


Education and qualifications:

 Degree in veterinary medicine and specialist in anaesthesia
 Hold the accreditations according the Ministerial Order ECC/566/2015, of 20th March and to Directive 2010/63/EU: d Function
 High level of English.

 Deeply knowledge of the regulation, law and ethical aspects related to the animal experimentation.
 Quality system management.

Experience and knowledge:
 Experience working with experimental animals (specifically rabbits, sheep and pigs).
 Experience in management of other species.
 Experience in experimental surgeries
 Experience with research procedures or veterinary clinic.

Main responsibilities and duties:
 Daily monitoring of animal’s health.
 Protocols of pre-surgical conditions, anaesthesia, analgesia and euthanasia and with different animal models.
 Pre and postoperative care of the animals.
 Monitoring and improvement of animal welfare.
 Data collection and monitoring and also analysis of results.
 Supervision and coordination of caretakers and technicians work.
 Veterinary advice and support to users with the experimental procedures
 Supervision of in situ environmental parameters of the installation as well as the proper functioning of the housing equipment.

Labour conditions:
 Length: Replacement for a leave of absence
 Contract: Full Time (40h per week)
 Starting date: November 11th 2019
 Gross annual salary: 25.000€ - 32.720€


Applicants should submit a full Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter with the reference “Veterinary anaesthetist” to the following email address: before January 31th 2020.